See the top 20 candidates in the Miss Teen Contest – Young Face

See the top 20 candidates in the Miss Teen Contest – Young Face
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Continuing on the media, perhaps Chi Pu is the only Vietnamese hot girl up to this point after years of appearing still retain the love and affection of the young crowd. Comparing a Chi Pu brave and confident today with the school girl Le Quy Don Thuy Chi school, anyone can easily recognize the change to the level of surprise. Chi Pu also shows his talent, intelligence and decisiveness through the way he behaves and behaves.

At the present time, after trying and breaking, it can be said that she is getting rid of the “hot” girl in the hearts of young people to become a promising actor of showbiz. Along the way of her hot girl and watching the changes of Chi Pu through each period to the current time nhé!


2009 was the year that Chi Pu “rekindled” is known after the top 20 Miss Teen – the contest for teen beauty was “hot” at the time. With a nice face, piano talent, 16-year-old girl Thuy Chi from high school Le Quy Don – Hanoi quickly won the sympathy of many people did not win high in the contest. After the contest, Chi Pu regularly appear in newspapers, teen magazines as photo models.

It can be said that the career, celebrity and everything she has at the moment is starting from 2009.

In 2009, Chi Pu registered to Miss Teen and reached the top 20. Chi Pu’s image was pretty sweet, she also shared that her love doll style and love the pink color. For the young, the name Chi Pu began to be known as “rekindle”.


After that, Chi Pu appeared as a model for teenage newspapers and magazines still with cute, sweet image.

The period 2010 – 2011

After that time, Chi Pu has just learned to participate as a photo model. She is also loved by young people and called by the title “hot girl”. “Hot girl Chi Pu” is also the way people are used to calling her from the day until now. It is easy to see at this stage, the image of Chi Pu is still bright and cute, but has varied and more sophisticated, from hair to make-up.

2010 is also the year that the name Chi Pu was noticed when the story of love sparkles with Cuong Seven. With young people, Chi Pu – Cuong Seven as a beautiful image “from the inside out”. She is a charming hot girl and he is a talented dancer. Chi Pu – Cuong Seven is also known as the first teen couple in Vietnam, pioneering the trend of “hot teen couple” in recent years.

On the side of work, being the hot girl covered the most powerful teen in the community should not be surprised when she repeatedly received the major advertising contract.

She officially “salute” act. The role of “5s online” was Chi Pu’s first major role and then the drama “Water Drop”.

In the beginning of 2013, fans will be happy to see Chi Pu appear as a sweet lover in the first MV of Cuong Seven.

… until the second half of the year, both officially announced farewell after 3 years of dating. Many young people expressed regret for a beautiful love story lasted many years. With Chi Pu, perhaps this is a rather difficult and unforgettable time.

Also this year, Chi Pu was caught up in another big scandal dating with Gil Le tomboy. The reason is that the intimate moments between the two are often shared on the personal page. However, the insiders only affirmed their relationship is friendship.

The first movie role in Chi Pu’s “The Statue” was released earlier this year.

Year 2014

From the beginning of 2014 until now, Chi Pu still keep their style and “hot” inherent, the image is still cared and renewed continuously. At the beginning of the year, Chi Pu’s first movie role was “fired”. Although she was a supporting role, she did not disappoint her fans. Chi Pu also released short films made by himself and his crew from script idea to actor selection, filming, post-production … She also went South to develop her own career.

It can be said that Chi Pu at the present time completely different from the new day is known. Not only is more beautiful, more personality but the change of Chi Pu also confirmed by the spirit, confidence, professional working style after a period of entering the entertainment. From a bright girl in the youth, not too much to say that the present, Chi Pu is a “golden girl”, a potential actor of the showbiz Vietnam.

She is also extremely hard to change, refresh her image to not be boring in the eyes of the fans. The latest image of Chi Pu has a little “rebellious” hair color “brilliant” that many people enjoy.

Five years, compared to life, it is not too long, but it is enough to make a person change, constantly develop more active. At Chi Pu’s own words, at her age, with what she has done, the sad stories have gone through the last few years compared to the complex working environment and the current pressures. She is absolutely proud, because not everyone in the same situation can do as she did.

Their love story is admired partly because of the love moments, tenderness at all times. This is the first time that Chi Pu has “tried” to renew his image by “sacrificing” long feminine hair to replace the shorter, more personal hair.

Year 2012

2012 is the year that Chi Pu graduated from high school, which means she has more time for social activities and is thinking seriously about opportunities in the arts to her. This is also the time that facebook social networking became “ramp” with teenagers in Vietnam and of course, Chi Pu is always in the top hot girlfriends on the top social network.

On the emotional side, this time, Chi Pu – Cuong Seven couple more coverage, often appear “hand in hand” from the fashion to youth events.

The image of Chi Pu has been carefully planned. The style of dress, hairstyle and make up is also a lot different than before. Chi Pu boldly experiment with new images, personality and more dust.

This time, love story Chi Pu – Cuong Seven couple cause many teen “crazy” by their cute. Not only appear love, the pair also attracted attention by the sweet action, romantic for each other, such as autobiography clips love this two years for example!


Maybe for Chi Pu 2013 is a memorable year, because this time around a lot of important milestones, from work and love story. After a period of study and effort, Chi Pu decided to pursue art professionally, her debut role was born this year. This is also the year that Chi Pu said goodbye to the sweet doll image familiar to make her into a more dynamic “urban girl”.

On personal affair, 2013 is the year many fans of the Chi Pu – Cuong Seven regret that the pair officially publicly broke up after many times there are signs of rift in the affair. Chi Pu is scared of another scandal that is no less than a suspected dating tomboy Gil Le.

To say about Chi Pu in an overview, perhaps this is the year she broke the strongest in the work, becoming the top girl hot girl of the youth, but also the most “bad” story in personal life.

In 2013, Chi Pu decides to “goodbye” doll style, feminine familiar to pass the personality, dusty this. It is easy to see the full “hot” of her hot girl in the dress, hair as well as the mood, expressive style.

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